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#1.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook.  We will post photos of all our signs that will be for sale on our social media sites.  So make sure to look daily, (if you can) pick your favorite(s), and set your alarm!

#2.  Day of the Sale - Be ready to log on at the scheduled time.  We are located in Texas, so everything will be on Central Standard Time (CST).  If you are logged onto the site prior to the scheduled time, make sure to REFRESH your screen to see the most up-to-date page.

#3.  Enter our online shop, scroll through to find the sign(s) you want to purchase, and check out!​​ 

Desktop vs. Phone:  Most customers use their phones more than a home computer, but desktop computers are 80% faster, which increases your chances to score a sign!

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